Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Review: Blue into the Rip by Kev Heritage

Blue Into The RipBlue Into The Rip by Kev Heritage

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blue is an English boy living in a near future Earth where Global Warming has become the beast everyone must learn to survive with. He is very intelligent and awkward and nicknamed for his distinctive blue eyes that stand out against his dark complexion. His adventure begins when he rescues a family from a near tragic car crash using strength superhuman strength he didn't realize he had. This sets off a chain of events in which he loses his beloved little sister Annie, and is separated from his family by falling through an actual RIP IN TIME!

Welcome to a tidy young adult sci-fi tale loaded with likable characters, high flying adventure, plot twists, intrigue, and the bumpy road young folk go through as they meet each other and learn to build teams and friendships despite class, and personality differences.

The rip in time Blue falls through is actually an intentional portal opened by the military hundreds of years in the future as a way of handpicking brilliant young people from the past and enrolling them in their space academy to be future space heroes. Blue plays along with this situation in hopes of finding a way to make it back home to his beloved little sister and his parents.

In the meantime, he is awed by a strange new Earth where the Amazon rain-forest is a desert and classmates can come from space outposts as far away as the furthest planets in the solar system. Boys and girls are on equal footing, and he has a fine time trying to manage fitting in, walking through folds in space, and dealing with budding hormones.

This novel is very well written and never sags at any point. I read it in one sitting eager to see how every twist and turn would manifest between Blue and his classmates, (some of them treacherous), and with his harsh teachers at the academy. The dangers Blue has to witness are very real and sometimes fatal, with sometimes harsh lessons for the reader about trust and honesty.

All of the action one would want from a space tale is included here: death defying piloting stunts, the dangers of losing one's space suit, mutated vicious creatures, skulking assassins, and hand to hand combat, and of course a fair dose of time travel.

I heartily recommend this book for a fun one-sitting read, or for any young boy or girl who loves sci-fi tales!

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