Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So She Takes a Deep Breath.... and destroys herself...

Of course I am being melodramatic to the extreme but I am a bit terrified by what I've done. It can't be undone which results in a big That's That.

I am freakishly behind on my book reviews, and I am behind on two raw manuscript reviews that I need to read but I guess the tardiness is good because it means I've been working on projects. The first project that is complete and now for sale on Amazon is my second chapbook of poems, "The Yellow Staircase".

As a project this terrifies me because the poems contained within are vicious, depraved, heartbroken, lustful, foul-mouthed,and straight up pornographic (some of them are at least.) It is a collection I am uncomfortable with releasing, especially imagining the idea of someone I know face to face reading it and thinking they can glean things about me which they'd not known. Some of the poems are reprints from other magazines, one of them even won an award, but the majority of the volume is untested on readers, and never put through an editor.

I really felt I had to put this together and get it done however. It marks my first foray into self publishing, and in a way is a tester for how to work the process. It also marks the purging of a huge weight that has been sitting in my heart for the better part of a year. It was a horrible mix of emotions that had to leave me in some way or other and pulling them out and putting them on paper (no matter how ugly they are) has really helped me along.

I am selling the chapbook for a few dollars less than a chapbook goes for, $6.00 for 33 poems, and 56 pages. There is a fragile storyline threading the poems, the setting is a shattering relationship as seen through the eyes of a disillusioned and angry girl who has entrusted her confidence to a fraud of a fortune teller who has stolen her words and sold them to the world.

If you are feeling adventurous, curious, or just plain voyeuristic, please do go ahead and buy the volume of poems! I will be eternally grateful. If you buy "The Yellow Staircase" and enjoy it, I would very much welcome a review posted to Amazon to help get the word out. I am advertising the chapbook only here and on Twitter, so I can use all the help I can get!

USA Buy Link: The Yellow Staircase
UK Buy Link: The Yellow Staircase
Createspace Buy Link: The Yellow Staircase

Love and Hugs to All of You! xxx

Friday, May 17, 2013

Influenster VoxBox: Sugar and Spice

I received a voxbox from about a month ago, it was called the Sugar and Spice voxbox and as I love all things sugar and spice I was quite pleased. VIDEO PROOF

There were quite a few goodies in it as can be seen in the video and this voxbox I found quite special as I really ENJOYED most of them! The Dickinson's Witch Hazel facial towelettes are a joy and I now make sure I always have a box of them in the house and one or two in my purse. They're all natural and gentle, and as my skin is super sensitive (I really need to live in a porcelain bubble guys !!!!) the fact that I did not once break out in an irritation or rash says A TON. I heartily recommend them. :)

The Belvita Breakfast Biscuits were yummy and I ate them almost immediately out of the box. They have a snappy texture similar to a ginger snap and they actually did satisfy my hunger at that point and stayed me over for a bit. They are definitely a good snack to have on hand to stave off hunger and get some lasting energy. They are not gluten free unfortunately so I hope to see them come out with a gluten free variety soon.

The Nectresse sweetener isn't bad. I'm not entirely sure how "natural" it is but it didn't give me crippling migraines like some artificial sweeteners do so that's a plus. I quite like it sprinkled on my porridge in the morning.

As for the Colgate Optic White program. The toothbrush and mouthwash are my favorites of it. The mouthwash doesn't sting and the toothbrush really does leave me feeling squeaky clean. The toothpaste, however, is a bit abrasive on my sensitive mouth so I ended up switching back to my normal toothpaste brand.

The Vaseline Spray and Go moisturizer was a disaster for me. I'm sure it's quite nice for others, and indeed it did absorb, dry, and moisturize in a flash just as promised, BUT it did give me rashes and irritate my senses. So it's not a product for me.

All in all, I was quite happy with this voxbox and even found some products I would like to continue using! :)

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.