Thursday, March 17, 2011

In ur undergrounds, lurking in ur anthologeez!

Literary Lab's second anothology, Notes from the Underground is up for sale right now, and I am fortunate enough to be included. The contest for this anthology was pretty cunning. They first had to accept your five page application, which was a sample of your writing, any kind of writing. After that, you were given 10 pages to write whatever the hell you pleased.

It was a strange experience. I had the story I wanted in my mind, I ran over it, nipped at it, tugged it around, and stared at it, completely in awe of the fact that it was accepted no matter what. It really forced me to come up with what I hoped was the best story I could tell. The story "Little Shark, Little Shark" is only available in this anthology.

There are quite a few awesome stories in it though. It really is an amazing collection. It gives you a snapshot of the true personality of each writer, of the rawness that makes em tick. Do yourself a favor a buy a copy of this gorgeous book, or if you prefer, you can buy it on Kindle.

All proceeds from this book go to theWriter's Assistance Emergency Fund Writer's Assistance Emergency Fund.

Amazon Print Edition

Kindle Edition

Createspace Edition <----preferred by Literary Lab as more money will go to charity here.

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