Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Long List of Short Deadlies

I am very fortunate to have three of my stories, "The Field", "The Hanged Man", and "Alone in December" appear in Short, Fast, and Deadly's best of 2010 Anthology "Deadlier Than Thou".

You can purchase it here.

There are dozens of stories included in it that are so sharp and pointy you'll need to wear protective glasses. Have a go! Take a chance! Buy it! (There is also a free downloadable edition of it available as well if you must have things for free.)

Although "The Field" and "The Hanged Man" are reprints from issues 39 and 49 of the e-zine, "Alone in December" can only be found in the anthology.

Go on, treat yourself, do me proud! :D

My last three stories to apper on Short, Fast, and Deadly are:

The Hanged Man

A story told through painted canvases.

Short, Fast, and Deadly--Issue 49--(Word) Art & Lies

My Year on a Postcard

Like "Snakes on a Plane" the title pretty much says it.

Short, Fast, and Deadly--Issue 53--The Year in Review

Suicide Programming

Nightmares and reality mix in this story about fighting higher powers.

Short, Fast, and Deadly--Issue 55--Revolution Revelation

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