Monday, November 24, 2014

Product Review: Resource Natural Spring Water #RefreshWithResource

I received a complete bottle of Resource Natural Spring water from free for testing purposes.

Who doesn't like water? Water is awesome, right?

So I took the bottle with me to work and plugged away at it through the day.

Resource advertises itself with "It's more than hydration, it's total Electrolytenment." 

Its major selling points are being sustainably sourced, packaging that is 50% recycled, and that it is full of naturally occurring electrolytes. That's all well and good, can't knock that.

The water tasted clean with no after taste, which can sometimes happen with bottled or tap water depending on whatever is accidentally or intentionally being put into it. 

I can't say there's anything that I found particularly special about it though, either. It would take A LOT for me to get passionate about a bottled water. I'm the type who is not bothered by drinking from a tap, and would rather just carry water around in a refillable bottle. If I am going to pay money for hydration, I would prefer it came in the form of tea or something else that qualifies as a "treat".

That said, there's nothing wrong with this product, it's just not something that really inspired much passion from me. For anyone else however, who is nuts over bottled water. Go for it. It's not bad. 

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