Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mad Writer's Club! Week 1! THE BLOG POST OF DESTINY!

So I have agreed to join the mad writer's club and to be in the club there is blogging and there is writing and most importantly... blogging. ~_~

I'm a horrible blogging because I tend to just purge out everything on ALL THE SOCIAL NETWORKS that by the time I get to my blog I'm like... meh? So I've avoided a lot of networking today and come to the blog and ... whatevs.


Ok forrealz though.

We're doing like 90 days of writing all the things that can be written. So what is my goal for this venture?

Well I have two projects in mind and I will be alternating on both or both at the same time or whatevs when I have the time to tack away at them. My main project for the short term is to put a new chapbook of poetry together. You may or may not have become acquainted with my previous chapbook of poetry, The Yellow Staircase. It's also available in paperback! Well I have this urge to put out a new chapbook of poetry, and I might mix it up by throwing together poems and stories or something... I need a theme still so I'm just gonna write poems until a theme forms. Sounds like a good idea right?

I also want to get a new novel rolling. I have a few strong ideas going but I also am dusting off an oldie. It's a completed first draft that I am going to completely rewrite by hand so it's going to be tedious to do but it's gotta get done.

The novel is a modern rewrite of Les Liaisons Dangeureuses. It oringinated as a hockey fanfic and I am going to retool the entire sucker and release it onto the unsuspecting public. It'll be amazing. It'll be hilarious. It jumps the shark 15 chapters in. IT JUMPS THE SHARK!

Will it actually be amazing? Dunno.... lol Hopefully it'll be fun. I want to write something just for fun! With The Yellow Staircase I gutted my emotions to create a collection of poems that is near and dear, raw and pointy and it just makes me nervous to think people read it.

My novel Antipathia (also in kindle) also was a work that emotionally drained me what with all the angst and vampires and blood.

I want to do something fun! So I won't apologize for starting work on a soap opera hockey retelling of a celebrated French Classic that will at some point include a scene where hockey goalposts develop a mind of their own and sabotage a professional hockey game in Montreal. (there will also be flying monkeys and a mummy's curse, because I always thought Dangerous Liaisons needed more monkeys)

So far I have a week's worth of chapters rewritten and queued for MOAR REWRITES and I have written five poems.

*wanders off*


  1. Isn't Les Liaisons Dangeureuses the book that gave rise to the quote "Revenge is a dish best served cold"?

    1. i think it is xD it's so freaking awesome. im outta my mind for trying this