Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Day I Snapped and Slaughtered My E-Books....

I have too many .99 cent/free ebooks on my kindle and I've finally snapped. I used to be able to read a book cover to cover no matter how bad it was but I've read so many poor quality stories in a row that I finally put a book down 50% through (it was a horrible novel about the Romanovs, Rasputin-kink and some sort of weird fetish for ambergris) and I DELETED it without finishing it. CAN OPEN. WORMS EVERYWHERE <---is that a "Friends" quote? Whatevs, I digress.

The point is I can't seem to finish a book anymore! I'm stopping and deleting at the 50, 30, and 20% mark, I've GONE MAD! I deleted 38 books in the past day and a half and it feels AMAZING! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I'm still feeling fussy for a seriously good novel or something though. Most of the deleted books were Part 1's in all sorts of promised trilogies and I've had it up to HERE with the idea of any sort of trilogy at this point ~_~.

On a happy note though, I did start a book today and am quite delighted to find it not only well written, but historically accurate, and with interesting characters and dialogue. Go figure it's a WWII spy/French Resistance/Parisian/Nazi novel with a Spanish girl pretending she's French pretending she's a prostitute so she can pretend to seduce a Nazi Colonel to find out the whereabouts of her missing father, only to get into a situation where she actually BECOMES a prostitute for another Nazi who might not be who he seems either.

YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THAT STUFF UP FOLKS.... or maybe you can, seeing as the book IS fiction soooo..... yeah, whatever, THE POINT IS, it's good and you can't really go wrong with Nazi French Resistance Paris plots even if you don't have Nazi kink which I don't have but that's the sort of post for another day (my thoughts on Nazi kink and the people kinked out on it ugh)... or something.

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