Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chaos: The Disintegrating Bloodline by Louis Bruno

This novel is the sequel installment to "The Disintegrating Bloodline" in which we were introduced to young A.J. Cattiano and his crumbling world as he becomes indoctrinated into the world of the Mafia while still in high school. The compelling tale takes us along with A.J. as he is torn between the straight and narrow world of his Catholic father, and the brutal, murderous path of money and blood presented to him by Mafia prince, Chris Mangini.

"Chaos: The Disintegrating Bloodline" picks up weeks after the previous novel, and finds A.J. knee deep in blood, a youth fighting a brutal firefight in a cornfield alongside his mentor, Chris Mangini. The violence is yet again unromantic and rather rabid in its ferocity. The action scenes are nicely written at a heart stopping pace and with no mercy spared for the weak.

We are introduced to a deeper view of Chris Mangini's world as he begins to suspect that someone within his crew of "soldiers" is a traitor, and he wonders at a possible blood connection to the young A.J. I found myself a little impatient to get back to A.J's storyline as I'd become so involved with his story in the previous novel.

When the novel does take us back into A.J.'s world it takes off beautifully. Now that A.J.'s status as heir apparent to Chris's empire is secure, and his loyalties to his mentor set, the story takes us a step further into his initiation to manhood. Nothing is easier for him. Questions about his true bloodline, his future with Chris, and his relationship to his first love, arise. Personal tragedy befalls him from two sides, and he is left shaking and seemingly alone to play the most deadly game of hide-and-seek ever against a would be usurper to Chris Mangini's throne.

This novel for me got better and better as it hurtles to a very disturbing, and shocking finale when a high-school becomes a slaughterhouse rather than a place of learning.

I quite enjoyed this read and find myself increasingly absorbed with these characters and the world presented in these novels. The story feels very cinematic in scope, and I think a very satisfying read for anyone who enjoys a good action tale with elements of operatic tragedy.

I give four of five stars to this entertaining read.

This book is available on kindle for 2.99: Chaos: The Disintegrating Bloodline


  1. Where is your poetry these days, DPB?

    1. I'm coming out with a new chapbook of poems soon Perry! :) I need to get back on the poetry horse. Wooo