Sunday, October 3, 2010

Story Links! I'm Short, Fast, and Deadly! XD Bad pun is bad but whatevs...

Latest stories accepted have been posted!

The Field

A story submitted for the ghost theme issue. It's about death and revenge in a lonely field.

Short, Fast, and Deadly--Issue 39 was a particularly chilling week. Enjoy the rest of the haunting stories submitted. i39: Nothing Can Be Told Without the Dead


One of my shortest stories to date. Ah, Tweet-fiction seems to be here to stay. :) Three protagonists, one possibly unspeakable act, and a victim who doesn't seem to play along.

Short, Fast, and Deadly--One of the best online fiction magazines out there. Stories and poems are as brief as a status update but pack all the punch of a poisoned bon-bon. A must read, always.


I am also excited to have won a spot on an upcoming Literary Lab anthology. I've been given the opportunity to write a 10 page short story on anything I choose. I'll keep y'all posted on when the anthology goes up for sale.


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