Friday, June 18, 2010

My Writings on the Internet.

The Cat Came Back

50 Word Short story about a man, his wife, and the cat she doesn't like.

50-1 is a keen mag which publishes 50 word stories and epic "first lines". Great way to spend the afternoon reading.

The Strange Picture That Won the War

A six sentence story about the image on a photograph.

Six Sentences publishes six sentence prose. If you have something to say, just make sure it's in six sentences!

Goats Eat Moths

Horror flash fiction about a trio of zealous teen shutterbugs who like exploring abandoned houses.

Lightning Flash Magazine is a fledgling publication and you should really give em a go!

Baby Bumblebee

Microfiction about a father who can't quite understand his baby daughter.

Short, Fast, and Deadly posts microfiction that could begin and end in a Facebook update. Each fic posted is like a sharp little needle. Go and read all of the issues!

She Has Moods

A flashfiction about a man and his inability to fully face his wife's degenerating mental state.

With Painted Words posts monthly stories based upon a theme piece of art. It's a cool concept and a must visit!

Promised Land Ice Cream

Short story about a jaded foster child and her determination to stay afloat despite being stuck as an audience warmer on a garish children's show.

Technicolor Magazine is just starting out but their first issue is packed with cool fiction and poetry. Give them some love!

I'd Kill You If I Could

A story told in letters, a crumbling affair and lots of sex. R-rated.

Sleep. Snort. Fuck. has an interesting mission. They only want the fiction you'd write after a somewhat self destructive night of drugs and debauchery.

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